Autumn 2015 Seminar Season

The QEST4 conference season began in the USA with the QEST4 Think Tank held in Florida USA. The Think Tank was a 3 day event, the first in the USA for Qest LLC and Natural Solutions as the USA Distributor.  Talks were given on a variety of the most challenging health issues,  how they can be eased using natural approaches and how QEST4 technology can help practitioners to support their clients in healing most effectively.

QEST International  presented a 1 day UK  seminar in London on 15th October where around 50 practitioners were presented the latest developments in QEST4 technology and protocols.

Presentations included a summary of the Think Tank event proceedings, the latest developments in the software including the Custom Library import/export facility and an update on regulatory matters as they affect natural health practitioners.

The afternoon was set aside for a major exploration of the extended Comprehensive protocol developed by Renee Brooks of Natural Solutions PHC and used as a standard basis for new practitioners in the USA.  The protocol gives a very well-structured approach to all aspects of a client’s total health awareness and many practitioners are currently building aspects of this into their practice.

The Natural Solutions Protocol, as Renee has called it, uses different scans for three distinct consultation purposes: creating a ‘causal’ energetic imprint, guiding recommendations for supplements, and providing tailored general health and wellness advice for awareness and lifestyle adjustment. It draws widely upon many of the vast resources of the QEST4 Master database, as well as items created in Custom libraries.  A working version of the NS protocol was provided to attendees on an indepedent functioning USB drive to allow comparison with existing database setups.

A few days later the focus moved to Amsterdam, where Ans Loomans of Cure Natuurlijk organised a 2 day seminar near Schiphol, bringing practitioners from Holland and Germany. This seminar also featured presentations from a holistic dentist using the technology in a very profound way in his practice to look at the links between oral health events and life direction choices. Another feature was a protocol based around the Emotion Code system of Dr Bradley Nelson.

The season was the first visit to UK and Holland for QEST4 Vice-President Carol Galloway and USA Trainer and Distributor Renee Brooks.

The Qest4 Bioresonance System is perfect for therapists and alternative practices. Read more about how the Qest4 works and how it can help your business.

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