Qest4 practitioners benefit from an array of training and support possibilities.

It all starts with your technical setup call, where our technical guru Paul (a Qest4 practitioner himself) sets up your PC with the software and hardware, checks the configuration, and gives you all the tips and tricks to keep your system running optimally.

Further technical support is offered via our responsive online portal techsupport.qest4.com, where any technical questions can be answered by our teams in US and Europe.

Your basic training then begins, as your choice of either small group classroom tuition, or individual tutorials offered via online conferencing, always with an experienced and successful practitioner. We aim to give you exposure to more than one trainer, and where possible, a trainer who has experience in your main practice discipline.

We have seen how important it is to have a series of contacts with your trainer/s, and that means either individual tutorials interleaved with practice time, or a second classroom course where you get to truly check your knowledge practically with other users.

There is a written manual and a variety of video materials that support your initial learning journey. In early 2019 there will be a new series of powerpoint and video materials covering all the software operation and background to the system, from Qest LlC. These will slot in as the first layer of your familiarisation with Qest4 and will be available to all users, old and new, worldwide.

As you progress you will probably find you become more curious about new ways to apply your system. We see Qest4 as something that grows with you, never as a static tool. That’s what the adaptability of Qest4 is all about, supporting the excellence of your practice as it evolves. Here are some of the resources that help you progress:

– revision webinars available on specific protocols and methods.
– online courses: single and multi-session courses from 3rd party trainers teaching a particular application of the Qest4 in practice that they have evolved.
– local workshops and user-days in your own country or region with a mixture of taught content and peer-sharing.
– annual conferences in Europe/UK and USA showcasing successful practice methods, developments of the system and lectures to deepen understanding, not to mention networking and social activity.
– social media discussion groups (for system users only) where you can ask questions and share with other practitioners – over 650 in our main group.
– dedicated additional training: some special need that has not been met? Talk to us and we can arrange a custom training session, or a course for a new team of practitioners if you have a larger facility.

One of the joys of bringing Qest4 into your practice is joining the community of other users, who share your commitment to bringing a wider range of insights into their practices, to saving time when helping clients on their journey and to maximising the ‘aha moments’ that drive breakthroughs.

As our training and support is always evolving, please know that this note was written in November 2018, and we may have added even further to the quality of service at the time of reading.

To see the current list of forthcoming events, take a look at qest4.eu/events


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