Working remotely with Qest4 Energetic Testing

In energy medicine we emphasise the primary importance of a ‘conscious connection’ with the client during scans or tests. This is achieved automatically when the client comes and sits in your consulting room, holding the Qest4 hand-pieces while you operate the system sitting close by.

It has long been an accepted practice, and found by many to be comparable in effectiveness, to offer remote testing, where the client does not actually take physical hold of the device.

There are many threads of debate about how to optimise this type of work, and different explanations of why it works. Without offering detail here, the new science of intention offers much theoretical support for how it could operate.

The key thing then is to do all you can do provide an alternative form of conscious connection with the client, or his ‘energy field’.

An important aspect of this is to have already made some relationship with the client, perhaps by a prior consultation, though often this will not have been possible. Again, physical proximity just makes connection easier – it is not the essential factor. Making an online or phone connection allows you to tune-in sometimes just as strongly.

Its very common in remote (or surrogate) testing to ask for a physical sample from the client. This might be a piece of hair or a nail clipping. The idea is to place something that defines the person uniquely into a focal point where the device is being operated under the control of the operator. In some practices a photograph is used.

In practice then, and particularly at times of distancing due to infection, using Qest4 remotely allows the practitioner to support clients who are unable to attend a face to face consultation. Online meeting apps such as Zoom or Skype make it easy to meet and run tests in real-time.

Some examples of how our trainers have used remote testing in recent months:-

  • The university student who needed emotional support was able to have a Qest4 scan as part of an online counselling session. Additional emotional remedies could be added to the drops to support him between sessions.
  • Mother of an autistic child who was too anxious to leave his home, was able to have Qest4 testing for her son using a hair sample, and then meet up with the practitioner online to discuss the results and create a health plan.
  • Child client who came into the clinic for the consultation but did not want to hold the hand-masses. We ran the tests using hair from his hairbrush. On the next appointment he wanted to hold the system himself.
  • For a client wanting a remedy to help with symptoms of jetlag, the practitioner made a custom remedy which she reported was so helpful, that her husband wanted his own remedy for the next trip.
  • Clients whose health condition renders them unable to attend clinic.

Professional discretion prevents us from publishing in detail the helpful insights gained during remote or any other sessions, but we think you will be impressed by the results of working in this way,


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