“I’d recommend everyone to look at the webinars, great way to get some CPD and the practitioners experience is more helpful than anything else!” SD, UK

Getting Creative with your QEST4

With Hazel Drummond

  • Understanding what we are testing and why
  • 1:1 setting vs Causal vs Single
  • What the results tell us about our client
  • Creating a test to suit your client needs within a consultation
  • How to create a protocol for a specific patterns

16th November 2018      9.30am-10.30am GMT       £25.00

6th December 2018      4pm-5pm GMT                      £25.00

Client feedback for this webinar:

Thank you Hazel for a brilliant webinar, really happy with what we learnt and I am sat here creating tests!! Can’t wait for Debbie’s on Tuesday! SD, UK

Wonderful presenting style Hazel! JH, Taiwan

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Gut Healing

With Debbie Rix

As a GAPS practitioner, homeopath and Qest4 trainer, Debbie shows how to base a 5R program on the combination of:

  • Case history
  • Presenting symptoms
  • Qest hold tank.

This often results in significantly improved health outcomes and can be considered essential knowledge in a health practice dealing with chronic conditions.

The learning objectives for this webinar are: understanding the gut, what to look for in the hold tank, presenting complaints and symptoms, assessing health history and applying a practical and effective 5-R approach to gut health.

Brilliant webinar this morning, thank you so much Debbie. Very clear and SO helpful in understanding how to help clients with their gut health and what is coming up in the hold tank. Also liked the affordable options/choices for supplements. Your experience and knowledge was gratefully received! – SD, UK

20th November 2018      9.30am-10.30am GMT       £25.00

11th December 2018        4.30pm-5.30pm GMT        £25.00

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Generational Emotional Mapping

With Joyce Turkington


  • Learn direct from the creator of the G.E.M. process
  • Understand the impact of inter-generational patterns on our health
  • Using QEST4 to read what program is currently running for your client
  • Explaining the results
  • Clearing generational and ancestral patterns using the QEST4 remedy and/or essential oils
  • Explore how Joyce combines the QEST4 G.E.M. protocol with heel/toe body testing to teach clients to self-test.

4th December 2018      9am-10am GMT      £25.00

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Advanced Sensitivity Protocol

  • How to build the AAP
  • Using the protocol in practice, the benefits of using it
  • A ‘short cut’ method of how to use it, once you have mastered the basics

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Spectrum Protocol

  • What is Spectrum therapy?
  • The work of Dr Tinus Smits
  • Using Spectrum methods with the QEST4
  • General detoxing of vaccines, drugs and anesthetics

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Addiction Protocols

  • Building and using the Addiction Protocols
  • Creating libraries, merging items and building your own protocols (e.g. panic, anxiety, autism, dementia) and how and how to use them.

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and see how a Qest4 system can take your practice to the next level and deliver results like never before.