Qest4 / Asyra 2019 Conference

Friday 17 May – Online Conference

Saturday 18 May – Practitioner Gathering, UK

The QEST4 Asyra conferences are part of an international programme of twice yearly events, the second event for this year being in USA in the Autumn. These conferences are designed to give you as an Qest4 / Asyra practitioner, inspiration, updates and  insights to make the very best of your practice.

Building the most effective practice for the best possible clinical results involves the skillful combination of functional medicine knowledge, energetic medicine insights, coaching skills, good business practice, integrating other tools and techniques effectively, and being creative with your Qest4/Asyra software.

In each of these conferences, curated by the trans-Atlantic team of Qest LLC and Qest International, we will be bringing you a wide range of presentations to help you achieve this.

Following feedback from previous events, our next conference will involve a day of online presentations on 17th May, followed by a practitioner gathering for networking and practice in the UK, and potentially other locations, on the 18th May.

This format is to enable the maximum number of participants to take advantage of the material which will include training in the use of the latest major software update due for release during early 2019.

We invite our practitioners to join us for either or both events.

Friday 17 May - Live Online Event

A whole day of online presentations from leading QEST4 Asyra practitioners from around the world.

Join the live event from 8:45 till 17:30 UK time.

Recordings will be available.


Confirmed speakers

  • Lois Duquesnoy (South Africa) will be presenting the third of her ‘Patterns of Dysfunction’ series, this year focussing on predisposing factors involved in Candida and how to recognise these in our clients’ QEST4 Asyra results.


  • Dr Jeff Saffir (US) inspired the US Think Tank in 2018 with his insights on ‘Practitioner Mindset and Client Communication’ and will be joining us for the online event.


  • Mark Conrad (UK) and Carol Galloway (Qest LLC, US) explore the latest update to the QEST4 software – Version 5.0, to be released soon, and the new comprehensive foundational training based on work done by the US and International teams, that will be made available to new and existing users of QEST4 and Asyra.


  • Hazel Drummond (UK) is the Qest International Senior Trainer and creator of the QEST4 Asyra Spectrum Protocol wil be exploring ‘Challenges and rewards of working with  the Autistic Spectrum’


  • Paul Newman (UK) is our friendly Technical Support person will be sharing his hints and tips on caring for  Asyra & Qest4 hardware and software . ‘What to do if……?’


More presentations to be announced soon………


We are now accepting bookings for the 2019 European QEST4 Asyra online conference and UK practitioner gathering. Please register using the Paypal button to the right £125 per day inc VAT. EU customers with VAT numbers, or for any other enquiries, please contact us by email info@qest4.eu

Choose online conference, practitioner gathering, or both days.

Confirmed Presenters

Returning to the QEST4 Asyra conference by popular request following last year’s event in Utrecht. This year, Lois will be sharing more information about exploring patterns of dysfunction revealed by bio-energetic testing.

Lois Duquesnoy

Asyra practitioner, Homeopath, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

Dr. Jeffrey Saffir practices Advanced Biostructural Correction in Poughkeepsie, New York. After becoming extremely ill for nearly a year in 1999, Dr. Saffir finally found results in ABC, and decided he wanted to help others find health when conventional chiropractic and medicine fall short. He has built a successful practice combining ABC and the Asyra, and this is also the primary health care for his family, including his wife and two sons, 17 and 20, both of whom have never taken pharmaceuticals and never been vaccinated. He will be discusing practitioner mindset and client communication – how to handle yourself, your client, and the first visit.

Dr Jeff Saffir

Asyra and Advanced Biostructural Correction practitioner, US

Hazel been our International practitioner in QEST4 and Asyra for over a decade.She has trained in Nutritional Therapy, Psychotherapy and Homeopath,y. Hazel trains practitioners in the use of the QEST4 Asyra, as well as practicing from Worcester House (formerly NutriVital Health) in Petersfield and in London.

Hazel Drummond

Qest International Senior Trainer, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Psychotherapist

Mark has been building the support network for Asyra and Qest 4 users in Europe since 2005, co-ordinating sales and training approaches with a team of practitioners. Mark is qualified in nutritional therapy, EFT, NLP, Scenar Therapy, and Breathwork.

Mark Conrad

Director of Qest International

Carol has been the Director of Qest LLC since its beginning in 2013. Carol spent time as an Asyra practitioner from 2009 - 2013. Carol is a Certified Nutrition Therapy Practitioner and has a BS in Family and Human Development from Utah State University.

Carol Galloway

Director of Qest LLC

Paul is our main technical support person. He also carries out the Introductory training for new users .

Paul Newman

Technical Support & Training

Selected topics in detail

Patterns of Dysfunction - Candida

The third in the series ‘Patterns of Dsyfunction’ in which Lois Duquesnoy explores interpreting QEST4/Asyra test results to identify underlying causes of a client’s health issues.

This year, Lois will be taking an in-depth look into factors that predispose a person to candida overgrowth and how we can see the patterns in our QEST4/Asyra hold tank that might lead us to address this issue.

'Practitioner Mindset and Client Communication'

Jeff Saffir runs a successful clinic combining chiropractic and Asyra. His practical, common sense approach to how to communicate what we do in a way that engages clients was so well received at the US Think Tank, that we have invited him to join this year’s International Conference.

His formula for how we present ourselves as practitioners, client communication and managing the first appointment is explored with humour, anecdotes and the wisdom that only comes from having built a successful health practice.

Challenges and Rewards of Working with Autistic Spectrum Clients

Senior trainer, Hazel Drummond, created the QEST4 Spectrum protocol, inspired by the work of Dr Tinus Smits.

Hazel’s presentation will explore our understanding of ASD, underlying causes, practical tips for working with clients on the spectrum, and how using QEST4 Asyra, we can make a unique remedy and treatment plan, personalised to the client that includes principles of homeopathy, isopathy and nutrition, and addresses inherited patterns, emotional trauma, vaccine reactions and environmental toxicity.

Hazel will share case studies of clients who have been helped by QEST4 Spectrum protocol.

There will be opportunities before and after the conference to build the Spectrum test via separate webinar events. See website for details.

Conference Itinerary

Friday 17 May – Online event

0845 – Welcome Mark Conrad

0900 – Patterns of Dysfunction – Candida  Lois Duquesnoy

1030 – Challenges and Rewards of Working with the Austistic Spectrum  Hazel Drummond

1200 – Presentation tbc

1330 – What to do if….?  Paul Newman

1400 – Practitioner Mindset and Client Communication Dr Jeff Saffir

1530 – Presentation tbc

1630 – QEST4 updates and Vision for the Future Mark Conrad interviews Carol Galloway

1700 – Q&A

Saturday 18 May

Practitioner gathering at Worcester House (formerly NutriVital), Hampshire, UK

0930 – Arrivals and Welcome

1000 – Exploring the latest software update

1300 – Lunch (provided)

1400 – Workshops

1700 – End