Getting Creative with your QEST4

With Hazel Drummond

  • Understanding what we are testing and why
  • 1:1 setting vs Causal vs Single
  • What the results tell us about our client
  • Creating a test to suit your client needs within a consultation
  • How to create a protocol for a specific patterns

16th November 2018      9.30am-10.30am GMT       £25.00

6th December 2018      4pm-5pm GMT                    £25.00

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Gut Healing

With Debbie Rix

As a GAPS practitioner, homeopath and Qest4 trainer, Debbie shows how to base a 5R program on the combination of:

  • Case history
  • Presenting symptoms
  • Qest hold tank.

This often results in significantly improved health outcomes and can be considered essential knowledge in a health practice dealing with chronic conditions.

The learning objectives for this webinar are: understanding the gut, what to look for in the hold tank, presenting complaints and symptoms, assessing health history and applying a practical and effective 5-R approach to gut health.

20th November 2018      9.30am-10.30am GMT       £25.00

11th December 2018        4.30pm-5.30pm GMT        £25.00

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Generational Emotional Mapping

With Joyce Turkington


  • Learn direct from the creator of the G.E.M. process
  • Understand the impact of inter-generational patterns on our health
  • Using QEST4 to read what program is currently running for your client
  • Explaining the results
  • Clearing generational and ancestral patterns using the QEST4 remedy and/or essential oils
  • Explore how Joyce combines the QEST4 G.E.M. protocol with heel/toe body testing to teach clients to self-test.

4th December 2018      9am-10am GMT      £25.00

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Advanced Sensitivity Protocol

  • How to build the AAP
  • Using the protocol in practice, the benefits of using it
  • A ‘short cut’ method of how to use it, once you have mastered the basics

Not Currently Scheduled

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Spectrum Protocol

  • What is Spectrum therapy?
  • The work of Dr Tinus Smits
  • Using Spectrum methods with the QEST4
  • General detoxing of vaccines, drugs and anesthetics

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Addiction Protocols

  • Building and using the Addiction Protocols
  • Creating libraries, merging items and building your own protocols (e.g. panic, anxiety, autism, dementia) and how and how to use them.

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and see how a Qest4 system can take your practice to the next level and deliver results like never before.