Our training team has over 30 years of combined experience in using and supporting bio-energetic testing systems, so we  understand exactly what you need to enable you to bring the maximum benefit to your clients and practice.

This initial course will familiarise you with all aspects of Qest4 hardware and software, give an understanding of energy medicine, and introduce basic protocols so you can begin to gain insights in your practice.  You might also choose to do this course if you are seriously considering investing in this technology, but have not yet come to a decision.

The specific subjects of the Qest4 bioresonance training course are:

Understanding energy medicine  –  System installation and setup –  Software navigation  –  Testing the baseline and comprehensive analysis  –   Refining tests, using search options, introducing other protocols  –  Basic editing and custom libraries  –    Sources of help and support  –   Integrating energetic testing into your practice.

Qest4 training - software


This course is aimed at practitioners who have spent at least three months in clinical practice with the QEST4 system. It builds on the Foundation training and gives exposure to a variety of testing protocols along with the chance to practice your skills in an environment with other practitioners and get feedback on your experiences.  We now also include this training with the purchase of a QEST4 system.

The specific subjects of the training course are:

First visit and follow-up strategies  –  Exploring the practitioner’s role in energetic testing – Communicating about energy medicine  –  Master list and creating tests Part 2  –  Non-linear test   – Protocols: AAP,  Compensatory drift,  RR frequencies,  Addiction,  Degenerative disturbance,  Core elements  –  Further exploration of the foods test  –  Intention setting and releasing beliefs  –  Nutritional and herbal support  –  Case studies


A programme of webinars is offered throughout the year including:

  • Level 1 Qest4 training revision
  • Level 2/ Protocol training for remote users
  • Understanding energy medicine

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When you decide to purchase a Qest4, we will arrange your place on a two-day Qest4 Level 1 training course. If you are in a location that makes  travel to our centre difficult, the training can be arranged via a series of one-to-one online sessions, punctuated by practice time. In this case, we always recommend that you later try to attend a classroom training course, so you can benefit from hands-on exchange with other practitioners, in a fully operational Qest4 clinic.

Following Level 1 training, we recommend that you plan to join our Level 2 training at a time interval that suits you. In most cases, around three months of practice is about right.  Checking your knowledge against the online Foundation course assessment test is  good way of checking your understanding.

Our webinar programmes offer the chance to catch up and revise areas of study, and they also offer Qest4 users from different locations to benefit from the various sources of training expertise that we draw upon.

Qest4 training


As you use your Qest4 in your practice, you may benefit from further support. You may want to clarify certain techniques; you may want to explore further applications; or you may just want to run something by an experienced user!  The first place to start is our facebook group where over 300 practitioners can help contribute answers. Our trainers are also available to help when needed.

In the rare event of technical issues or concerns, we have a technician on call. Most issues are easily resolved over the telephone or by email.

You can rest assured that the Qest4 comes with a full 5 year warranty, and that our support commitment does not end there.


and see how a Qest4 system can take your practice to the next level and deliver results like never before.